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Hanan Savransky, Master Cutter

about Hanan is the brilliant mastermind behind the stunning Savransky jewels. Born into a family line of Master diamond cutters, Hanan's passion for diamonds was in his blood- originating during his early years in Israel, bred by his family's tradition and discussion of working with precious stones.

Hanan earned the title of 'Master Cutter' after years of intensive training under highly-skilled Master Diamond Cutters. A prominent Japanese diamond company then relocated Hanan to the Orient, where he attained great skill for shaping rare fancy colored diamonds, strengthening his expertise and appreciation of radiant gems and developing his signature style. Inspired by breathtaking tropical paradises, romantic beaches, crystal streams and galaxies of radiant stars, Hanan achieved designs of utmost creativity and craftsmanship.

Hanan's relentless pursuit of perfection combines with beautiful design work and results in meticulously
crafted collections of jewelry, showcasing the most brilliant diamonds and gems in the world.

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