Green Diamonds

The rarity of natural green diamonds cannot be overstated. Pure green diamonds are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors of fancy colored diamonds. Each year, the market sees perhaps one new green diamond of intense color and lacking impurities. As with other fancy color diamonds, green diamonds come in several different shades, ranging from light green to bright green.

Green DiamondsThe price of a green diamond is based on the intensity of its color. Most green diamonds have a yellowish tint. Usually, the green is mixed with other colors, such as gray-green and greenish-yellow diamonds—some gems known as “chameleon diamonds” even have an olive tint. These shades are much lower in cost than a pure green diamond. Major deposits of green diamonds are located in the southern part of Africa. In addition, green diamonds are mined in Australia, Brazil, Ghana, India, Congo and Siberia. Green diamonds owe their rich hue to the impact of natural radiation during the formation of the gem. After coming into contact with a radioactive source for millions of years or more, some green diamonds develop Intense green color.

A common form of exposure for diamonds is alpha radiation found in uranium compounds. Unfortunately, alpha radiation creates only surface stains. It’s as if the diamond is painted with green spots or has a thin green film that is usually lost during the processing of the diamond. Beta and gamma rays, on the other hand, penetrate deep into the diamond, giving the stone a steady green. Of course, these rich and vibrant green diamonds are much rarer and more expensive.

When buying a fancy diamond, be sure to ask for a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), because it is very important to have a third-party assessment that confirms the characteristics of the stone and certifies that the green diamond is natural. We can’t resist showing you our natural green diamond ring! The center stone weighs 2.57 carats, the color is Fancy Bluish Yellowish Green, the clarity is SI1, and the total carat weight of all the stones in the ring is 3.17 carats.